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Title: Anti-Bugging Anti-Wiretapping Corp. of America: Counter-Surveillance Kit

Anti-Bugging Anti-Wiretapping Corp. of America: Counter-Surveillance Kit
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Anti-Bugging Anti-Wiretapping Corp. of America
Counter-Surveillance Kit

The Counter-Surveillance Kit

Your protection against

bugs • wiretaps • tape recorders • transmitters

Now, all you need to protect your privacy is in one briefcase—

The Counter-Surveillance Kit! Anti-Bugging Anti-Wiretapping Corporation of America offers the latest in state-of-the-art equipment. Look what’s inside:

The Miniaturized Bug Detector EJ10,

carried in your pocket, emits a subtle, silent vibration warning if anyone near you is wearing a body transmitter.

The Miniature Cassette Recorder gives you up to six long hours on a single cassette to record conversations for future proof and verification. The recorder fits in a pocket, yet is powerful enough to pick up a conversation across the room.

So, don’t stay unprotected! Acquire your own “fortress of security” with the sophisticated, light-weight CSK briefcase that can travel easily to provide security everywhere you go. Make an appointment to see additional communications, surveillance and personal defense equipment. Also available: Bullet-Proof Apparel, Lie Detection, Bomb Detection, Portable Self Defense and Eavesdropper Nullifiers.

Just call to speak to a salesperson, or send the coupon back with $25, for our

detailed catalog.

Anti-Bugging Anti-Wiretapping Corp. of America

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The Privacy Protector VL34, with its electronic sweep, detects, locates and verifies bugs hidden anywhere on the premises. A series of lights lead you directly to the source of transmission. This compact, palm-sized system is the same equipment used by professional security teams worldwide.

The Wiretap Alert System B411, provides 24-hour-a-day voltage testing of your telephone lines for changes indicating a wiretap. When a voice-activated recorder is detected, the B411 runs out the tape before it can record your private conversations.

The small, easy-to-use TRD009 detects hidden tape recorders. Like the VL34, its series of lights help locate the offending recorder quickly.

Anti-Bugging Anti-Wiretapping Corp of America

633 Third Ave., New York, NY 10017

Enclosed is my $25. Please send me your catalog.