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LUTHER BURBANK lived from 1849 to 1926, and not before or since has there been a greater contributor to plant develop ment. Every domesticated fruit or vegetable or flower has been produced by Mr. Burbank directly or by his methodology. Mr. Burbank's methodology was extremely simple: (1) First he would GATHER the most extensive seed stock of a partic ular species from all over the world. (2) Then he would PLANT all of the seeds closely together. From the resulting ten thou sand plants, he would (3) SELECT one or two that had the most pronounced characteristic of size or shape or scent or color or whatever he was looking for. (4) From those one or two plants, all of the seeds were PLANTED and from the resulting ten thousand plants, only one or two would be (5) SELECTED that further developed more of the desired characteristic. This process of planting and selection would be repeated as often as necessary from a few generations to hundreds of generations until Mr. Burbank would release the final seed stock to the rest of the world. Mr. Burbank grafted one hundred different types of apple branches onto a single apple tree and each branch bore a com pletely different fruit the first year for his personal selection. Inventing this grafting technique, he squeezed thousands of years of research into a few. The results of his work, from potatoes to apples to EVERY domesticated fruit, vegetable or flower, are what we grow today. The Burbank Potatoe Quadrupled World Production in One Year. Luther Burbank never needed a lot of space. In his lifetime he con ducted over one hundred thousand series of experiments and changed the world on less than three acres of land. DENNIS ROBERT HOAGLAND, 1888-1949, was the inventor of the "four salt Hoagland solution" from which all HYDRO PONICS are based. Although a brilliant botanist, Dr. Hoagland was interested in only one thing, the BIO-MASS (size and weight) of the TOMATO produced hydroponically. Working under the scientific assumptions of the early 1900s, Dr. Hoag land's world assumed four things: A. Plants had a life cycle leading to death. WE NOW KNOW plants have a very different way of achieving a life and death cycle than does the human being. Humans are more genetically structured toward their life and death cycle than plants. Plants allow environmental factors to control not only their life and death cycle but their sex as well: Such things as (1) "PHOTOPERIOD" (length of time under light and dark), (2) "THERMO-PERIOD" (length of time under temperature variation), and most importantly (3) "NUTRIENT PERIOD" (length of time under a given nutrient configuration). B. Maximum SIZE and WEIGHT before death of (a) root, (b) shoot, (c) fruit-known as the "root to shoot to fruit ratio"was the absolute goal. WE NOW KNOW the "root to shoot to fruit ratio" is a fallacy. There is no such thing. While keeping the fruit exactly the same size as normal, both the root (below the soil) and the shoot (above the soil) can be minimized. And by reducing the inter-nodal length s~ (distance between the budding sites from an average of 6 inches to less than 1 inch), the number of the normal sized fruit will increase to thousands per plant. (*Footnote: See inter-nodal length graph at top of page 12.) C. Plant "lush feeding" of excess nutrients meant nothing. WE NOW KNOW plant "lush feeding" kills the plant. The basis of the hydroponic method is that a fresh nutrient supply be pumped in while the used nutrient supply drains out. This allows the plant to absorb excess amounts of calcium. If allowed, the plant will absorb 10 times what it requires of calcium to the exclusion of other more beneficial nutrients like N, P, K, Mg, Na, Cl, etc. Too much calcium and the plant gets GARDENING OF THE ARTERIES and dies after one seasonal growth period. D. An aquaeous (water) based system without a "buffer" (soil having a cation exchange capacity, C.E.C.) was best. WE NOW KNOW an aquaeous (water) based nutrient solution surrounding the root system without a "buffer" to protect the roots creates a "water root"-a thick, fleshy root that has layered it self with "fat" to protect itself. Nowhere near the amount of root surface area is produced hydroponically (water based) as when the roots are buffered against excess concentrations by a soil medium. WE NOW KNOW that the soil mediums used by Dr. Hoagland, such as perlite vermiculite, and sand have no buffering action or "CATION EXCHANGE CAPACITY" (C.E.C.). The CATION EXCHANGE CAPACITY of a soil medium is the ability of that medium to ABSORB AND RELEASE a nutrient solu tion. The cation exchange capacity of the soil medium protects the root system and allows it to produce thousands more root structures, producing thou sands more square inches of root surface area. The greater the root surface area, the more efficient the nutrient uptake for faster frowth. The early l900s did not have the advanced technology of 1986. Equipment for testing nutrient solutions and plant tissue such as the gas-liquid chrom otographic assay (GLC), Thin-Layer chromotographic assay (TLC) and sophisticated atomic absorption equipment were not available. With the aid of the computer since 1951, the medical profession by comparison has advanced in the last 30 years more than in the preceding 2,000 years. If Dennis Robert Hoagland had access to 1986 technology in 1920, he never would have designed the hydroponic system.

JEFFERY JULIAN DEMARCO, 1951-_, is President and founder of PYRAPONIC INDUSTRIES and is the inventor of the methodology known as GROWING PLANTS PYRAPONIMETRICALLY and the PHOTOTRON. Three things are required to grow plants pyraponimetrically: 1. A laboratory grade growth chamber known as the PHOTO TRON. 2. A specific METHODOLOGY for plant growth and manipulation (instructions). 3. A very specific NUTRIENT SUP PLY COMPUTER DESIGNED IN PARTS PER MILLION (PPM) for each individual PHOTOTRON. The exact nutrient calibrations are individually calibrated based upon two soil samples taken from the phototron: one after FORTY-FIVE DAYS of plant growth and one after 90 DAYS of plant growth-ONLY TWO ARE REQUIRED. Mr. DeMarco's Masters thesis was on the cannabinoid profile of marijuana. After working under both federal and state li cense in a laboratory at a major university for over two years, and since 1976 has developed the phototron, the methodology and the chemistry to study the internal workings of the plant (not just the SIZE and WEIGHT, but utmostly important to study the MOLECULAR and PHARMACOLOGIC properties of the plant). The research developed in pursuit of Mr. DeMarco's research PERTAINS TO ANY PLANT. Pharinacognosy is the study of molecules produced inside plants. This type of study requires very sophisticated equipment like the Gas-Liquid Chromoto gram (GLC). Thin-Layer Chromotogram (TLC) and Atomic Absorption. TEIC-delta 9. the psychoactive molecule produced by the marijuana plant, is so microscopic that 100,000 molecules fit end to end would sit on the head of a pin. When coo re concerned about growing structures so infinitely tiny. mt'hat difference does the size of the plant ,nake? In the disciplines of Botany, Horticulture, Plant Physiology, Soil Chemistry and Floraculture, a "root to shoot to fruit" ratio requires a large root and a large shoot to grow large fruit. Gro~~'ing plants Pyraponimetrically (by exactly measuring all 21 environmental elements), requires the plant to produce minimal root, minimal shoot (inter-nodal lengths) and maximize the number of budding sites and size of the bud, flower or fruit. To develop the (A) PHOTOTRON, (B) the CHEMISTRY and (C) the plant manipulation methodology known as GROWING PLANTS PYRAPONIMET RICALLY, the marijuana plant was used because of its unique properties. The PHOTOTRON was designed to: (1)GROW 6 PLANTS THREE AND ONE-HALF FEET TALL IN 45 DAYS~ (2) Duplicate exactly the quality of the plant material the seed came t'rom~ (3) RE-FLOWER AND RE-BUD PLANT MATERIAL EVERY 45 DAYS UP TO 9 TIMES PER YEAR~ (4) NEVER KILL ING THE PLANTS. YEAR AFTER YEAR~ (5) BE REMOVED FROM EVERY DAY. (The systemit is designed for plant removal, not containment); and (6) To l)roduce 6-8 ounces of plant material every 45 days. Growing Plants Pyraponimnetricallv will revolutionize indoor plant production as we know it today. At PYRAPONIC LABORATORIES, over 25 PHOTO TRONS are used for new experiments. To date, PYRAPONIC LABORATORIES have successfully catalogued 17 varieties of flowering plants, 14 varieties of fruits and vegetables. 8 varieties of' tobacco and will force flower roses 365 days per year. A Year. or two years from now, PYRAPONIC INDUSTRIES will mass market the PlIOTOTRON through the major retailers, on television and radio. I will look forward to workiny with `~otm. Thank you very much. fl A /1

ryi~iiiniLarc~ President and Founder Pyraponic Industries


HAWAII VS THE PHOTOTRON Hello, my name is Jeffery Demarco, Presid ent and Founder of PYRAPONIC INDUSTRIES My masters thesis is on the cannabinoid pro file of marijuana. I tell you this for historical foot note only. In pursuit of my own masters thesis, I generated the most extensive popular literature library in the world. Then, I generated the most extensive scientific bibliography in the world. I then went into a laboratory under Federal license at a major university in which I designed a laboratory grade growth chamber called the PHOTOTRON. If you read all of the popular literature: I did. All of the scientific literature: I did. And look at every aparatus that is in High Times, you will find one common denominator. Every system, UP TILL NOW, has attempted to re-create Hawaii. I suggest that when you finally achieve the re-creation of Hawaii, you can do NO BET TER than Hawaii's results. AND WHAT ARE HAWAII'S RESULTS? In fact you will grow the plant 6 to 9 months, 6 to 12 feet tall. In fact you will average a 6 inch internodal length. (distance between budding sites) In fact have a 10% budding ratio at the tops of the plant. In fact, throw away 90% of the plant material (leaves/shake). And in fact YOU MUST START ALL OVER AGAIN. Look. The only thing I'm waiting nine months for is a baby, number one. Number two, I do not want a tree in my house. And number three, I am not going to pay the ELECTRI~ BILL TO PRODUCE THE SUN somewhere in my closet. Do not let its pretty looks fool you~ Do not let its size (3 1/2 feet tall x 18 inches wide) fool you. Do not let its weight at 17 I fool you. , .

HOTOTRON will draw $4.00 per month in electricity (average). My system is totally dif ferent. In fact you will grow 6 plants, three and one half feet tall in 45 days, guaranteed. You will maintain a one inch internodal length, guaranteed. That each plant will produce 1,000 budding sites, FROM TOP TO BOT TOM, guaranteed. And there will be 6 plants per individual PHOTOTRON, guaranteed. And this is the only system in the world where you can re-flower and re-bud the exact same plants every 45 days, up to nine times per year without killing them off, EVER. Then, you may re-flower and re-bud the exact same plants, every 45 days up to nine times per year, while you remove from the system every single solitary day. Evel-y day (average 6-8 oz. every 45 days). You remove from the PHOTOTRON every single solitary day, beginning on day 20 from seed germination. I personally, guarantee and service back the PHOTOTRON, so do not let its technical nature throw you. You will require THREE PAGES OF INSTRUCTIONS ONLY. Because the system is TOTALLY COMPLETE. You will do three things: 1. Select your seed. 2. Plug the system in. 3. Water it. Then., if you have any questions at all. You may call me directly. Ask your question. Get the answer. And carry on about your business. You cannot fail with my PHOTOTRON. I do not allow any of my PHOTOTRONS to fall below SHOW-CASE. I have personally guaranteed every PHOTOTRON that has ever been sold. !And I have never had one returned. I am not fling now. `;~caIl me. Right now. I accept all of my e calls, personally. h~you do not/earn more about plant produc n than you have ever learned before, / will you for the call." fah~zff ie tA€a*co

CRYSTALLYNE QUEEN Singly Tinted. $260.00 Doubly Tinted. $280.00 13°'o Triply Tinted, $300.00 . . 20°/a More Efficiency

GROWING PLANTS PYRAPONIMETRICALLY - SEND $3.00 TO: PYRAPONIC INDUSTRIES, P.O. BOX 1071, MELROSE PARK, IL. 60160 h oresented from university conducted research for Masters Thesis entitled

PYRAPONIC LABORATORIES: GROWING PLANTS PYRAPONIMETRICALLY PYRAPONIC LABORATORIES MAINTAINS: (1) The most extensive scientific literature library in the world. (2) The most extensive popular literature in the world. (3) The most extensive library of Data Packages and Soil Analysis selected from over 3,000 PHOTOTRONS sold worldwide. (4) On premises, over 25 PHOTOTRONS with the capacity of three shelves each so that up to 75 experiments may be ongoing at any ane time. Jeffery Julian DeMarco, President and Founder of PYRAPONIC INDUSTRIES and PYRAPONIC LABORATORIES, maintains his PHOTOTRONS for the purpose of killing plants. It is only after experimenting with the parameters of death at PYRAPONIC LABORATORIES that the PHOTOTRON can perform so miraculously around the world. Said to be the number 1 herbicidal maniac, Mr. DeMarco has full-time laboratory technicians on staff and has the most extensive technical consulting network from Universities around the world. PYRAPONIC LABORATORIES maintains the most sophisticated on-premises computerization for data analysis and retrieval in the world. Thousands of experiments have been conducted and thousands more will be ongoing to expand ever further the performance of each PHOTOTRON. As PYRAPONIC LABORATORIES introduces new methods or nutrient formulations, each PHOTOTRON owner is contacted so that every PHOTOTRON is upgraded long after it has been purchased. THE PHOTOTRON IMPROVES MORE AND MORE THE LONGER YOU OWN IT!