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GROWING AIDS Marijuana Seeds selected from high-quality marijuana from all over the world. Durban poison, Nigerian, Sumatran, Thai and others. 4 for $1. Discount for larger orders. Order now and send $2 for postage and seed catalog. Discretion assured. THE SEED BANK, Postbus 5, 6576 Z.A., OOY, the Netherlands. MORE FEMALE PLANTS! You're a good grower, but are you efficient? Are you wasting your time, space and effort? Do you want a yield of more than 50% females? It's so easy! Incredible SENSA-SOAK (seed soak) and/or SENSA-SPRAY (foliar spray), both powerful female hormone stimulators, will unmask and promote phenotypic female sex expression, regardless of genetic sex. Won't change your plants in any way except make more females. Absolutely SAFE! Extensively tested, some cases over 90% females. Totally unique! $9.95 EACH. Moneyback guarantee. FREE CATALOG. What more could you want? It's the high-tech era, get aboard. Starting our fourth year. PLANTASTIC PLANT PRODUCTS, 1442A Walnut St., Berkeley, CA 94709. Call anytime: (800) 227-1617x453, or in California: (800) 772-3545x453. MUSHROOM GROWING — equipment, supplies, materials, spawns, cultures, books. Catalog $2. GPS, INC., Box 722 HT, Bryn Mawr, PA 19010. RIPSTOPPER—Silent garden rip-off alarm. Pocket pager, battery powered, super sensitive, waterproof. California gardener's favorite. RURAL ELECTRONIC SECURITY, Box 232, Myers Flat, CA 95554, (707) 943-3077. NATURE'S ORGANIC FERTILIZER. 100% "Bat Guano." Top growers' secret to success. 5 lbs. $8,10 lbs. $15. Send check or money order to: NORTHWEST ORGANIC FERTILIZER, Box 1626, Woodward, OK 73802. PROTECT YOUR PLANTS! Perimeter Defense System alerts you/scares off intruders. Approx. $ 10 to build. Complete, easy-to-follow plans, $4.95. P.D.S., P.O. Box 251, Spencer, OH 44275. All Female Plants: Guaranteed cloning technique. For complete instructions and materials send: $6.95 to: J&RLAB., P.O. Box 5922, Winston-Salem, NC 27103. BOOKS AND PUBLICATIONS Lazy Nickels Newsletter—A must if you like marijuana. Send dollar to EVAN EYERICK, 635 E. Santa Anita, Burbank, CA 91501.

REAL ESTATE 1,400 sq. ft. fallout shelter. 2,500 sq. ft. Fránk Lloyd Wrightstyle home on 5 acres of lush desert in the Cave Creek-Carefree foothills 35 miles north of Phoenix/ Scottsdale. $415,500. Call (602) 488-9713. 115 Acres, total privacy, creeks, beautiful views, nearSilicon Valley. Borders large watershed area. Easy terms. $225,000—Contact Clift, Box 326, Morgan Hill, CA 95037 (408) 395-3122. MERCHANDISE "The Pump"—Revolution in smoking. Best waterpipe you'll ever smoke. Great for base. Make it yourself for under $1. Easy instructions. No one under 18. Send $2&SASE to P.O. Box 162, Lincolnville, ME 04849. OPIUM POPPY SEEDS $3/700, $5/1,500. NW, Box 962(H), Orlando, FL 32802-0962. Psilocybe Cubensis spore prints, $12.50. Easy-to-grow Mushroom Kits $35. Immediate delivery. PC. BOOK CO., P.O. Box 293, Roseville, CA 95661. HALLUCINOGENIC CACTUS. San Pedro cactus seeds and growing instructions, $5. 12-inch cutting, $15. SPECTRA, P.O. Box 203, Capitola, CA 95010. GRASS—Two grams seed—$ 3. HEAD GEAR, P.O. Box 1479, Destin, FL 32541.

Knose Candy plus most powerful stimulants available. For information write SLS ENTERPRISES, Box 10223, Riviera Beach, FL 33404. San Pedro Cactus High Quality. Send SASE to MR. PEDRO, Box 4611, Berkeley, CA 94704-0611. COLLECTIBLES Drug Antiques bought, sold. Catalog $1. CAPE ANN ANTIQUES, P.O. Box 3502H, Peabody, MA 01960, (617) 777-3011. BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES ATTN. CAFFEINE DEALERS: Unique new product that will fit in with present product line. Send $3 for sample and info. P&L Distributors, P.O. Box 155, Burnham, PA 17009-0155. MISCELLANEOUS Smokeshop Mailing List for rent. Box 990, Athens, OH 45701. Turn harsh weed into primo smoke. Sample $3. Retailers wanted. ENHANCER, Box 1210, Greenwood, AZ 72936. Night World Escort Service is number 1 in Chicago, 111. 80 ladies, 20 men available. Specialties, bachelor parties, couples, domination. Call now (312) 351-0344.

BEHIND BARS I'm looking for a single, intelligent female from 24 on up, any race. I'm 24, black and intelligent. Please write to BYRON K. MILLS, California Men's Colony, Mills C-32019 #6177, P.O. Box A, San Luis Obispo, CA 93409-0001. 28-year-old gets out of prison October of 1984 and would like to hear from some sincere, together ladies. Will answer all letters. J.D. CAYLOR, B#82006, P.O. Box 689, Soledad, CA 93960-069. I am looking for a long and beautiful relationship. I'm 23 years old, 6' 6Vz" tall, 180 lbs., slim built and love to correspond. I’m incarcerated, very lonely, will answer right back. DWAYNE A. SHARPE 166-504, P.O. Box 69, London, OH 4314,0-0069. My name is Eddie. I'm a white male, 22 years old with brown hair, green eyes, 140 lbs. and 5'8". Would like to hear from white female, 20-35, for friendship and letters. Write and make a friend. All letters will be answered immediately. EDDIE, C-44699, P.O. Box 600, Tracy California Prison 95376. White male, fun-loving, sincere, seekj meaningful friendship and intimate companionship. I'm single, 28, and want to correspond with females 19-37. All letters will be answered, photos welcomed. I’m doing a short 5-year term, and know what I'm missing. Don't make the same mistake—write now, ALLAN GESHWIND #045545, Rte. 8, P.O. Box 200, X4, Daytona Beach, FL 32014.

The HIGH TIMES Classified Reaches Over 2 Million People Each Month. Whether Your Message is for Business or Pleasure, put it in HIGH TIMES for Maximum Results. RATES 1 2 3 One time ad: $4.00/word 4 5 6 Discount for contracts: Three consecutive ads $3.75/word 7 8 9 Six consecutive ads $3.50/word 10 11 12 Twelve consecutive ads $3.25/word CLASSIFIED DISPLAY 13 14 15 $125 per column inch 16 17 18 Column width is ls/8 inches. 19 20 21 Discount for contracts: Three consecutive ads $115/inch 22 23 24 Six consecutive ads $ 105/inch Twelve consecutive ads $95/inch 25 26 27 All display ads must be delivered camera-ready. 28 TO ORDER 29 30 MINIMUM AD IS TEN WORDS 31 32 33 Post Office Box #'s and telephone #'s count as two words each. 34 35 36 All ads must be typewritten. ALL ADVERTISING MUST BE FULLY PAID IN 37 38 39 ADVANCE WITH CHECK OR MONEY ORDER, NO CASH. Ad will appear 60 to 90 days after receipt. All ads are accepted at the discretion of the Publisher. Cost of Ad: words at œr word = Total. No advertisements for chemicals, chemical supply houses, Payment must be enclosed with order. formulas, extraction methods or synthesis reports will (Check or money order only, please.) be accepted. Call for Advertising Acceptability Policy (212-974-1990). Name Mail to: HIGH TIMES Classified 17 West 60 Street, New York, NY 10023 Address Please include a sample of your product or catalog with your ad, and your street address and phone number. City State Zip

Are you a SPACE CASE? DON’T SPACE OUT and miss out on this chance to become an OFFICIAL space case' Order the authentic Alien to Planet Earth certificate, with Your name and official space case number You also get the Out of this World I D card These humorous and unique gifts will only be available on this planet for a limited time, so Don’t Space Out! Order now by sending your name (or a friend's) and mailing address. with a check or money order for just S8.95 to: RÊL Enterprises • P.O. Box 1554 Chula Vista. CA 92012 If it doesn’t say RËL, it isn’t. BIG BRC )THER KNOWS... 8 OUR CLOPEDIA TO AND BOOK, OVER STOP SO 236 CAN THE OF IT PAGES. OR YOU. BIG SURVEILLANCE. A DO IT’S BROTHER VIRTUAL IT BACK. ALL HERE GAME ENCYHOW ORDER IN ' BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE. SEND CHECK OR M.O. ONLY FOR $14.95 & $2 00 P & H. CATALOG $2.00 FREE WITH ORDER. CAM)ISON • DEPT HM 1 • BOE 0 • tl • 62222 Famous International Designer, Piggy Malone’s®, presents Nomad®, an exclusive line of snuff wrappers. If not available at your local store, teil them you are Nomad® as hell, talk tough, then give them our address (below) Order any 2 economy packs of 100 — or 1 deluxe proto pipe for S24.95 — and receive 1 free Nomad® T-Sbirt (send size). Economy I (33/T * 33/4") — $6; Economy II “Black Label” (4" * 4”) — $6.50. Send check or money order to: Piggy Malone's®, P.O. Box 10073, Berkeley, CA 94709. Free shipping and catalog! Get Your Pussy Off! For 2 oz. of the finest catnip leaves and tops — send $2 and 2 «.mp,»: Dot.,Flnn 460 N.W. 96th Street, .Okeechobee, Florida 33472 n« Mn« to an otd iodk S tura jour CM Ofl.

• 24 Hour Service • Official Looking • Sealed in Plastic • Moneyback Guarantee • Millions in Use • Use Anywhere - Anytime Send $6.00. Name. Address. Sex. Height, Hair Color. Eye Color. Birthdate and Small Photo. AMERICAN IDENT DEPT 90 BOX 31003 INDIANAPOLIS, IN 46231

Silk screened in blk on 100% cotton T’s. Avail, in tan, It. blue & yellow. S,M,L,XLG. Send 9.50 ea., post paid, ch. or m.o. SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. Cal. res. add 6% sales tax. Jennings Enterprises, Dept. RB, P.O. Box 741, Mill Valley, Calif. 94942 Reach out and correspond with a prisoner. We receive requests daily from lonely prisoners who need contact with the outside world. We have many more than we can print. If you would like to write to a prisoner, we’ll send you a list of names and addresses. Send SASE to: HIGH TIMES Prisoner Outreach, 17 W. 60 St., NYC 10023.

“T00TER Only $1 99 I. ea. Send Cash, Cert. Check or Money Order To: Bullet Snuff Dispenser FREE Catalog of Snuff & Smoking Items No Purchase Necessary Freestyle Novelty Co. P.O. Box 2682 Youngstown, Ohio 44507 FINISHED YOUR BOOK on How To . . ., Exotica, Esotérica, Erotica, etc. Empathie Press will help you publish — write for brochure: Empathie, Rm 1411, 225 West 34th Street NY, NY 10001

LEARN HOW TO PICK LOCKS! WHY PAY HIGH INFLATED LOCKSMITH PRICES? For only pennies, you can learn how to pick your own locks from a master locksmith (30 years experience). Pick kit and instructions, send only ƒ \ $9.95 to: LOCKS, P.O. BOX 4174 Portland, Maine 04102 Please mention magazine. A Irœa.. B SAY IT ALL WITH THIS MULTICOLOR PRINT Mens 100% Cotton S-M-L-XL $8.95 Womens 50/50% Fl.Cut $8.95 /Tank Tops $695 Send check or money order to: VISIONS T—SHIRTS 536 Pacific Av» - Santa Roaa, CA 95404 Dealer Inqulrey O.K. Arid $1 Fnr Handlina

BLANK CERTIFICATES BIRTH CERTIFICATES - Also Baptismal, Marriage, l‘3?l -Divorce, Award Certificates and Wills. High School & College Diplomas. QUALITY BLANK FORMS on heavy parchment complete with gold seels f Call 1-904-396-1744 tor 7 rush Certificate C O D. ^ J minimum I 1 f *O<llri0NAL ƒ ^ *1 UCH I CARDINAL PUBLISHING CO., DEPT. P54 2071 EMERSON • JACKSONVILLE. FL. 32207 WITCHCRAFT NATURE'S HI6HI! ! Gavin 6 Yvonne Fro*t. world'* foremost Witch»*, now occept student*. Box 1502-H,New Bern,NC 28560 ñ PHOTO I.D. DRIVER'S-LICENSE-QUAUTY * “LET US SEND YOU THE PROOF.” 100% SATISFACTION OR MONEY BACK. I APPROVED ONLY SR U (2 ORDER for $15) WITH more FRIENDS details 50* 4 Full-Color. 1-Piece Plastic Card. ■ Double-Sided (No Glued-On Photo) sex, Send height, $8.00. weight, name, address, colot hair, soc. eyes, sec. #. ■ BIRTH CERTIFICATE $2.00 birthdate, small photo (tx»th-type OK) ! CPC, DEPT. 107, BOX 721, TIMES SQR. STA., NYC 10108 ■■■■‘WE PROCESS WITH DRIVER’S-LICENSE EQUIPMENT HR

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