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The New Arai Signet~Q:

"The Signet-Q is, without a doubt, the most comfortable helmet! have ever worn It transports the fit of an Arai into a different dimension for me and others like me, by allowing us to find the ideal size that takes our [long oval] head shape into account." (ULTIMATE MOTORCYCLING, Winter, 2012)

"Arai isn't telling anyone that the new Signet-Q is a revolution in helmet design. But what the company has done with its newest model is significant, particularly for the American market." (ROADRACING WORLD, January, 2012)

Designed and built exclusively for American riders, the new Signet-Q delivers a noticeably better fit for the longer front-to-back head shapes most common here. (The kind that get those painful forehead `hot spots' in rounder-shaped helmets.)

"The fit of the new Signet-Q is amazing. / didn't even know! needed this helmet until! put it on and rode about 120 miles the comfort factor got kicked up a notch or three "With no pressure points anywhere, the helmet felt llghter as if weight was more evenly distributed around my skull ... finished in the - typically flawless Arai manner." ` (ROADRACING WORLD, March, 2012)

1 "Fit is superb, venting is excellent and wind noise is minimal (thanks in part to a better fitting helmet). (RIDER, January, 2012)

Aral created toe new Signet-Li specifically to fit the longish he shapes most common in the U. Different Arai models are created to fit differently. It's the extra lengths - and widths - we go to. "Trying on the Arai RX-Q and Signet-Q back-to-back did reveal a surprising difference in fit." (Ultimate Motorcycling) Why does Arai make such a big deal about comfort and fit, do we think we're special? No, we think you are. "For three generations, our family business has answered only to riders, not to pro fit hungry `Directors.' Our helmets are expensive because they cost so much to build, not to make somebody's shareholders rich. That is the Arai difference." (Michio "Mitch" Arai)

It's not just a helmet, it's an Arai


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