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Nolan N104 Helmets The Nolan Ni 0410 the nest generation of Modular helmet It offers a Substantially lighter shell with all the bells and whis tles ysu need. Far starters the new design features greatly impraved seating and isa lot quieterthan the N1021N103. But the real kicker is the size at the the helmet and the weight reduction. No mane tired necks when riding.. Get yours tadayl Compare at $500 ON Sale! Call Now All-in-one Bluetoath Kit in stack tool Please call or go online for today's best price. LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEED!

AGVsport Veloce Leather Jacket The Veloce leather jacket is pertect tar the rider looking tor great protectior and also great vertilstion. The veloce jacket uses leather chassis that is pertorated tsr maximum air-tlow. Then the nor-critical areas are a ballistic mesh which allows you to mooe easily and keep cool. The rear ot the jacket has a race hump to protect your spine and upper back. For wher the tempo drop yoo can zlip ir the waterproot/windproot liner to keep ir your body hest.. Add-in retlective piping tsr night visibility and yoo gets great package tsr sport bike riders. Retail Price $250 Now on Closeout at $124.99

Scorpion XDR Master Jackets Scorpion XDR Master Jackets are a rare option far hot weather touring. It isn't tao often you sees mesh jacket ins length touring style, sad even more rare to see them on closeout! For the construction of the Master Jacket, Scorpion stnrts with 600 denier outer shell which covers allot the impact areas. Non-impact zones are made from a breathable mesh, which ullows sin to pass right through the jacket, keeping you cool on those hot summer days, yet protected in the event of a crash.. Now on Closeout, the Scorpion Master is on even better value! 2 Colons, S-2X, Compare at $339 New $159.99

r i-i Sliders Carmel Keviar® Jackets The benefits sf adding kealar tsa jacket are immense. Everything from the abrasion resistance ts the tensile strength helps keep ysu safe in a crash situatian. Mast textile jackets just tear apart when hitting the road.. Bat the Sliders Keslar Apparel is made to esceed the crash protection at other brands at a rack bsttsm price. The Carmel includes a thermal and waterprosf liner that can be warn together or independently. Shown with Sliders® Kealar® All-Season 2 Mesh Parts Jacket is Available in 5 Colors, S-3X, Beg & Tall in Same colom, Compare jackets retail for over $200, bat yau can get the Carmel tar only $149.99

Shadow Air Pro Mesh Jackets Shadow Air Pro Meah Jackets are quality made and designed for everyday riding. With a waterproof outer shell and a removable nylon inner liner, Air Pro Mesh Jackets are equipped for anything you can dish out. Fitted with several adjustment straps and numerous pockets for storage, Shadow Air Pro Mesh Jackets are suited for days on the road, or an afternoon around town. Shadow Air Pro Mesh Jackets are a good fit for anyone who liven on their bike. Sizes S-Tall 2XL. #SHW-ATJ Retail $200.00 Only $119.99

Tourmaster Solution 2 Boots~ (solid leather & waterproof) Sizes Mens 7-15, Wide 9W-i 4W, Womens 6.5-10 Retail $120 Sale Price $107.99

Tourmaster Solution WP Air Boots (Perlorated panels & waterproof) Sizes Mens 7-1 5, Wide 9W-14W, Womens 6.5-10. Retail $129.99 Sale Price $116.99 from only $1 O7~

Sliders All-Season 2 Kevlar® Jacket Mesh + WPF + Thermal Liner + Keviar® The Next addition to the Sliders All-Season line includes all the heat features like a fall mesh chassis with Kevlar Protection. Plus now the sides of the jacket are fifed with stretch panels to allow the jacket to more comfortably fit a much larger variety of rid ers. We have tested this jacket extensively and believe if you want a good all-around jacket, you should consider the All-Season 2. #SLD-2AJ Sizes S-2X Comp. Retail $250 Now ONLY $179.99

Sliders All-Season 2 Kevlar® Pants This product is enhanced by KEVLAR® brand performance technology. Weight for weight five times stronger than steel, DuPont KEVLAR® is a must in high perform ance applications from spacecraft to automobiles, from skis to motorcycle apparel, boots and gloves. Ultra-breathable, super abrasion resistant Mesh with High strength poly in the knees hips and butt. Genuine Dupont Kevlar in high impact areas for the absolute maximum abrasion resistance. Anatomically fitted for the rid ing position. Removable CE armor in the kneea/SP memory foam in the hips. #SLD-PAL2 Comparable Retail $180 Now ONLY $139.99

Camp-A® Cash is earned on almost all shipped orders. Duets MFD restrictions we con not award on redeem Camp-A® cash on son-Closeout Icon, Zi R, Ttror, Moose, Scorpion and Bell. Details online at

HJC Symax 3 Helmets Whats New.... The New HJC Symas 3 Helmets come eqoipped with a PinLock® face shield for the ultimate fog resistant system (inoerts are sold separately). Quick Slide HJ-1 7 tool-less shield replacement and installation system which offers a wide range of optional face shields. Bluelooth® Ready with irtegrated recess & irterior speaker cavities for optiaral XB12-H ChatterBox! Compare at $310 ON Sale! Call or Go Online! Chatterbox XBi2-H Bluetooth Kit ir stock too! Please call or go online for today's best price. LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEED!

s~ a1 Sliders® Quest 3 Kevlar Jackets & Pants True Year-Round Gear in Most Climates.. J Waterproof, Vented, CE Armor + Kevlar Protecfion! Sliders Quest 3 Kevlar® Jackets Colors: li-Viz Yellow or Silver/Block. Sizes from S-3X Reg & Toll. Compare of $300 Jacket Infro Price $224.99 Sliders Quest 3 Kevlar® Panfs Block ood Silver, Sizes S to 3X. Short, Regolar & Toll ioseams. Compare $200 Pants Intro Price $149~~

Shadow Scorcher Mesh Jackets& Mesh Pants Shadow Scorcher Jackets & Pants are de signed with thnse hnt suwwer rides in wind. 2 Calnra at Pants With fall wesh cnnstructian, these jackets after unrestricted airtlaw far the hnttest nf rides. Scnrcher jacket after an adjustable fit with stretch watedal at the sides, waist adjustwent belts, and snap sleene take-ups. Jackets Anailable in Blue, Red, Silner, HiViz Orange, and Hi-Viz Yellaw, Sizes frnw Swall3X-Large Cnmpaw at $120 Jacket Intro Price $89.99 Shadow Scorcher Paots Shadnw Scarcher Pants flaw ware air than regular jeans, and affer the full pratectian at a true watarcycle pant. Retlectiae patches an the side at the legs keep yau aisible at ni ht. S-3X-Large Shad, Regular, and Tall inseaws. Cam pare at $120 Intro Price 840e

Sliders® 4.0 Kevlar® Riding Pants Sliders® Cargos Slidernn~ Keviar® Motorcycle Riding Panto offer ouhotantini protection, in cindiog only 100% Dupontn Keviar® protection in the hipo and aide ot yonr ego, yonr kneeo/ohinn and throoghont the neat and npper hamntringn. Cnmpare and nee the difference. Sizing in nbnnt 1/2 nize large. Ki Perfect to wear inside or over yoor boots. • Anti-Scratch hnttnon. Aren Mntn~SecnreTM Cargo Pncketn (no cargo pnot(. • Higheot Qnnlity Cnttnn (Anniloble in Wnint: 30, 32, 34, 36, 38,40,42,44 nod Lnngthn 30,32,34, 36.) Annilahie in Tan, Oline Green, nod nnrk Brown. Slidersn Cargos Kevlar® 4.0 Riding Pants SLD-4CRG $89.99 Slidersn Khakia Keviar® Optional CE 4.0 Riding Pants approved Armor SLD-4KP $79.99 I for 4.0 jeans $9.99

Sliders 4.0 Kevlar® Motorcycle Riding Jeans are the ultimate in cool riding apparel. These stone washed jeans look just as good off the bike as they do on. Sliders Kevlar 4.0 Jeans are the most protective kevlar jeans yo can get for your money, and offer the most kevlar coverage around. Sliders Kevlar 4.0 Ric ing Jeans are top-quality soft denim for corn fort and fit. With optional knee armor, Sliders 4.0 Kevlar Motorcycle Riding Jeans offer opti mal protection and ultimate good looks in a single pair of jeans. Available in Waist sizes 30-44 and Lengths from 30-36. Sizing runs about a 1/2 large. Now only $79.99

-~_ Scala Rider G9 Bluetooth Bike to Bike Intercom The 69 is the evolution of the 64 from Scala rider, it can pair with up to 8 other Scala Rider headsets and toggle between them. You program the names of your ridirg part ners into the headset and when you want to talk to them you speak their name and will conrect to them instantly for a full dupleo intercom conversation. Also, the flash pairing technology makes is simpler thor suer to pair two units together, touching two units to gether pairs them, irstead of frustratirg key sequences. Available in Single and Dual Kit Irtercoms. Compatible with 64 too!l Only from $289.95 IN STOCK NOW!

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