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Blast aghast!
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I couldn't believe the two-page Buell ad on the inside front cover of your September issue. What a shocking act of disrespect from Buell to the many customers who bought the (now discontinued) Blast. You'd think Buell would be holding on to what few customers it has like sweet life itself, not mocking them and making them regret their purchase.


Blast aghast!

I couldn't believe the two-page Buell ad on the inside front cover of your September issue. What a shocking act of disrespect from Buell to the many customers who bought the (now discontinued) Blast. You'd think Buell would be holding on to what few customers it has like sweet life itself, not mocking them and making them regret their purchase.

Dave Webb St. Albert, Alberta, Canada

A note to Erik Buell: Perhaps you are frustrated with the fortunes or misfortunes of the company that bears your name. I am puzzled by the current ad that displays one of your products crushed into a cube. How does this aid in selling your product or con vey passion in regard to the design and manufacture of motorcycles? What does this say to the people who have taken the MSF Basic RiderCourse on

this model, or to the engineers and line workers who were associated with this model? Frankly, it reminds me of the mentality that exists at some gatherings where a specific national ity of motorcycle is


destroyed to bolster the pride in ownership of another. A bit antiquated, don’t you think?

John Tok< Brookfield, Wisconsin

Okay, now they’ve really taken this mass centralization thing TOO FAR!

Paul Ellingson San Diego, California


I read with m~h interest the request of an apology from you to the National Rifle Association by reader Terrell McGath, per his letter in the September issue about a previous Service illustration. He is right, of course, you really do insult the NRA with such a poor caricature of Charlton Heston.

What you do not realize is that as more and more personal liberties (say, owning a gun or riding a motorcycle) come under attack, it is organizations like the NRA and AMA that stand up for the individual. I would bet that many of the same people who do not appreciate gun ownership are also quite outraged when they see someone enjoying themselves on a motorcycle. Your apology is indeed in order.

Bryan Wierwill Verona, Wisconsin

Dear Editor, like Mr. McGath, I do not have a sense of humor when it comes to the NRA, the late, great patriot Mr. Chariton Heston or the Second Amendment to our God-inspired U.S.

Constitution. You, sir, are not enough of a man to even shine Mr. Heston's shoes! Cancel my subscription and refund my money immediately.

Larry Marshall Shelocta, Pennsylvania

Have just read the letter you titled “The P.C. Patrol” and your insulting reply to Terrell McGath. Please cancel my subscription to your magazine.

Craig Schmic Garfield, Arkansas

Anti-Complaint Dept.

Terrell, take a couple deep breaths, try to relax. The NRA is not sacro sanct. This is the USA, we do not have to agree with you. I'm over 80, ex-Navy, spent teens in South Dakota and Nebraska hunting pheasant, have two BMWs (`75 900, `96 1150), ex-Scoutmaster, which included being a certified hunter-safety instructor. Currently own no guns, nor do I wish to. I really had a good laugh at July's


What the Forums at cycleworid. corn are saying about the Buell Blast advertisement.

A very odd but entertaining ad. Like 95 per cent of riders, I couldn't give a squirt about the Buell Blast, but this ad campaign (is it even one?) has me paying attention. Very i smart. No one can argue that H-D/Buell doesn't know how to market themselves. -pipda

Hats off to Erik B. for not taking every damn thing so seriously. Can you imagine one of the Honda people crushing a Rebel 250 and laughing about it?

Must admit, to me it felt more comfortable than any of the other Buells. Guess I shall change my name to Nancy and start wear ing a dress. -fatfatboy

The motor was a joke. Well, okay, it was perfectly suited for a trainer, but I don't think Buell wants to be associated with the training-wheel set anymore. That is what Sportsters are for... Bikkibyebo

Laughed my fool butt off when I saw that ad. Maybe Buell has been inspired by recent racetrack performances and is going to be serious about the future models competing with the Asian brands. &iagn~re

Buell finally found a way to improve the Blast's looks. .good riddance. -Buelligan

Service drawing. Hope this does not ruin your day.

Gregg H. Wright Falibrook, California

Let me start out by saying I am a longtime reader, 53 years old and have the thrill of motorcycling in my blood every day. I enjoy all the work you people put into the magazine month after month, and really get a kick out of the stupid stuff some readers complain about, whether it’s improper language (anything stronger than “shucks”) or scantily clad ladies (more clothes on than what you see at a public beach).

But I had to comment on the largest piece of stupidity to come along in a long time, the guy in Texas who wants a written apology to the NRA because he didn't recognize the caricature of Chariton Heston from Planet of the Apes and instead thought it was, his words, "a Neanderthal-type" in an NRA T-shirt. This is a perfect example of where our country is heading. If you give him a refund on his subscrip tion, forward to me the amount and I'll make up the difference.

James Ellis Posted on wwwcyc/

Regarding Terrell McGath’s NRA rant, is he any different from the morons

complaining about the Allah cartoons a year or so ago? If the NRA is so great, and its cause is so pure, all the cartoons in the universe won’t change that. I agree with the guy as far as my right to own a gun is concerned, but jeez, lighten up, dude.

I suppose the PC Crew would prefer a 1950s-style magazine, safe, sanitary, oh-so polite and picture-perfect. They’ll have to self-publish, I suspect, as nobody else would buy it.

Oh yeah, love the "Pornography for Gearheads" subtitle on the September cover, hits the nail right on the head. Can't wait to see the whiners go off on that one!

Scott C. Lees Conway, South Carolina

I can’t believe anyone actually wrote in to gripe about Peter Egan’s New Orleans piece (“A Triumph in the Crescent City,” CW, July). I’d like to think that such letters were in the minority and will be suitably ignored! I believe the word “fluff” came up. Oh, sorry, didn’t mean to offend by straying from reporting the bike’s 0-60 times...

I say send Egan to as many places as he is willing to go, and publish as many pieces as you can get him to writewhich, as I understand it, is pretty much

how it has been all along!

Hell, while I’m at it, a belated thanks for printing Hunter S. Thompson’s “Song of the Sausage Creature.” I bet that one got some good letters...

Tim Clark San Francisco, California

I must voice my disappointment in the immaturity being shown in your maga zine lately. The cover line "X-Rated Twins: Pornography for Gearheads" turned me off. Then, while browsing the table of contents, I see the article for the Twins in question is titled "Sex on Wheels." Really, is this what you've come to? I'll miss Peter Egan's writing but it's time to pare down the list of subscriptions.

Jim Chenoweth Peoria, Arizona

One-track mind

I’m really confused why you think Harley riders would want to read your Japbike magazine. Why?

“Harley AI” Halstead Circle Pines, Minnesota

Dunno, maybe because they re not culturally insensitive myopies interested in only one plate at motorcycling’s big buffet? Just a guess.