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Title: SUZUKI: Katana 600

SUZUKI: Katana 600
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Katana 600

Rad Hot.

Katana 600

Paint the town red on a five-alarm beauty known as the 1989 Katana 600. Experience a fusion of optimum performance and maximum comfort. Here is a hot machine that will truly

elevate your desire to a fever pitch. You'll forge new adventures through twisting roads and city streets. And every eye that is fortunate enough to catch you will be green with envy The engine, based on the track-tough GSX-R750, is compact, potent, and tuned to deliver strong

torque in the low and mid RPM ranges. But comfort is what sparks the Katana. A comfortable seat and riding position help take the kinks out of long-distance trips. And the fairing vents engine heat away from the rider for greater comfort. Another example of ergonomic genius.

The'89Katana 600. Sizzlinglooks, performance and total comfort

that will have a lot ot heads turning and saying,... "Rad On, Suzuki."


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