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Title: HONDA: Pacific Coast

HONDA: Pacific Coast
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Pacific Coast

The Pacific Coast It!s the

Go ahead—take a look. And then look again. Because Honda’s new Pacific Coast™ isn’t just another motorcycle. Perfectly thought out in every way, the Pacific Coast is designed from the ground up as the world’s premier sport touring machine. But the Pacific Coast’s beauty is more than skin deep. Its unique laminar-flow wind-

screen system and seamless bodywork let the Pacific Coast slice through the air. The clamshell trunk holds a pair of full coverage helmets with room to spare, and opens with a hidden remote release. And pop-off mirrors and

an integrated bodywork protection system help the Pacific Coast survive in the real world. Underneath its flowing exterior, you’ll find a smooth, ' versatile powerplant that the experts call “an unexpected yet brilliant choice.” Its broad

WINNERS RIDE RESPONSIBLY. Don’t take chances. Professional motorcyclists ride to win. And they know they can’t win if they don’t finish. The pros also know how responsible riding practices and the proper safety équipement help them finish by minimizing risks. They ride accordingly, and so should you. Use the proper equipment. Pros always use quality helmets, eye protection and protective clothing, just as all motorcyclists and their passengers should. And the pros realize no one should ever operate any motor vehicle while under the influence of alcolwl or drugs. Another part of using your equipment properly is knowing your equipment. That’s why you should read your oumer’s manual thoroughly. Make every ride an education.

Specifications and availability subject to change without notice. California version differs slightly due to emissions equipment. tAt participating dealers, for a limited time only. See your dealer for complete detail~

beginnrngola new day.

powerband and generous lowto mid-range torque provide substantial roll-on performance. And its surprising cornering clearance and extremely low center of gravity contribute to the Pacific Coast’s superb handling and maneuverability From the smooth, precise

engagement of the shift lever to the progressive, linear performance of the dual-disc front brakes—every detail reflects the thought and meticulous quest for perfection that defines this motorcycle. It’s the craftsmanship and engineering only

Honda can offer. And the quality you can experience yourself. The Pacific Coast, from Honda. See your local dealer to arrange a test ridet Once you do, you’ll come to understand the Pacific Coast does indeed herald a bright, new dawn.


N Come ride with us.

Pros know every safe rider is a urinner, and that no rider is ever too good. The Motorcycle Safety Rmndation knows that too, and they offer classes to help you improve your skills. For mere information, call them at 1-800-447-4700, or see your local Honda dealer. Be a responsible rider. Pros know motorcyclists have special responsibilities. Pros always obey local laws and regulaticms, and you should too. They use common sense and respect the rights of others. That’s why they don’t modify their motorcycles’ exhaust systems. They never use the street as a racetrack, and they know every rider must have a proper license when riding on public roads.

For a free brochure, see your Honda dealer, or write: American Honda, Dept. A0203, P.0. Box 7055, No. Hollywood, CA 91609-7055. Pacific Coast is a Honda trademark. © 1989 American Honda Motor Co., Inc. (5/89)