Article: 19890501041

Title: Kawasaki

Cycle World
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Alice's Restaurant Skyline Bou~e~rd Woodside, California June 4,1989

You tighten the chin strap, turn the key, hit the button and the engine snaps to attention like a West Point cadet. You ease the big bike out of the dark garage into the too bright Northern California sunshine. The Ninja! ides its way through the early morning traffic as you get reacquainted after the week's layoff. The last sleepy faced driver grows small in your mirrors, then disappears as the road opens up and snakes out ahead. As the twists and bends come closer together, so do you and the machine. You can sense the engineering at work, but feel it only as smooth, balanced performance. Each twist of the throttle reels in the next corner, each squeeze of the brakes sets you up for the next quick shift. A sweeping left, a little jog to the right and you pull into the carnival that is an Alice's Sunday morning. Time to eat and stretch and talk about how good it was and how great it's gonna be. The bike ticks a little as it begins to cool off. You don't tick, but you could stand to cool down a little yourself. Some days, life is truly good. Other days, it's even better.


Let the good times roll.

Remember nding safe is nding smart Always wear a helmet. eye p(otecllon and proper apparel Passengers, too Ride aefen sively. Obey the basic speed low Never nde under the influence of drugs or alcolol Adhere to the maintenance schedule in your Owners Manual Coil 1-800-447-4700 for the Motorcycle Safety Foundahon beginner or expert course near you You do not need o motorcycle to take the course Specifications and pnce subject to cbange wi*out nc4ice. k.ólabiliry may be limited j