Article: 19890501020

Title: Kawasaki

Cycle World
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Marcus Dairy

Danbury Connecticut April 16,1989

The big V-twin coughs, grunts like an old bear on a cold morning, kicks over and idles down to a steady rump, rump, rump as it warms up. There's no place on earth colder than a still-dark Sunday morning in a New England spring. But a hot cup of coffee gets the juices flowing and the highway's welcome provides the warmth the weather lacks. The day clears as you wind down Route 7, and so does your mind as the VulcanĀ® and the rhythm of the road do their work. You sweep down from the overpass, give the throttle a healthy blip and shut `er down. The smell of frying bacon says "come on in" and you join the crowd. Because that's what this is all about. The ride and the bike and the crowd. Cold mornings, hot iron and warm conversation. The stories of what you rode and where. Veterans with 15 years of Sunday mornings at the Dairy And an interesting breed of newer riders, some of whom are even more interesting than others. You rode in alone. But no body says you have to ride out that way.


Let the good times roll.

Remember riding safe is nding smart. AI~is wear a helmet, eye potection and proper apparel Passengers, too. Ride defen sively Obey the basic speed law Never ride under the influence of drugs or alcohel Adhere to the maintenance schedule in your Owners Manual. CoIl 1-800-447-4700 for the Motorcycle Safety Foundanon beginner or expert course near you. You do not need o motorc~de to take the course. Specifications and price subiect to cfonge wi#~ut notice. Availability may be limited.