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Title: Berliner Motor Corporation: Commando 750 Roadster

Berliner Motor Corporation: Commando 750 Roadster
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Berliner Motor Corporation
Commando 750 Roadster

The Norton experience

You probably first saw this masterpiece of shape and pace through the glint of plate glass, or in a magazine, maybe being handled by a friend or even worse by someone you don't know. Long before your eyes laid her you knew that somewhere sometime you would meet for that never surpassed experience. Not for you the fussy, the temperamental, the Dresden touch or the big flashy bore. You wanted a high flyer with scintillating looks, superb performance capabilities, that could hold on tight even during the wildest inclinations.

Of course she can also be easy and gentle like a

purring cat, as smooth in motion as a ski on virgin snow - but only if you’re man enough to move fast with her when you both get turned on.

Most experiences are dulled by time and repetition, they become indistinguishable inaworld of mediocre happenings. Only a few remain fresh and exciting as on the first encounter-admittedly they are hard to acquire but well worth waiting for.

0-60 m.p.h. in 4.8 seconds.

Standing quarter 12.6 secs.

Top speed 125 m.p.h. plus.

Thelhlorton) Commando 750 Roadster with the isolastic super-ride

Write or ca/lto find one of the 800 dealers in the U.S.A.

Exclusive Importers and Distributors, East, South and Middle West (43 States) : Berliner Motor Corporation, Railroad Street and Plant Road, Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey 07604. (201 ) ATIas 8-9696

Exclusive Importers and Distributors, West Coast (7 States) :

Cal.. Ariz., Nev., Wash., Ore., Hawaii and Alaska :

Norton Villiers Corporation, 6765 Paramount Boulevard, North Long Beech, California 90805.(213) 531-7138